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...and other angle oriented ventures

Betting With The Bag

Watch Betting With The Bag weekdays - 11am & 5pm EST


There is no other betting show like it. Watch as Jimmy The Bag captains his crew of notorious sharps "the LoBaggers" as they mine the daily sports card for betting value. This show is about the pure joy of sports betting, the passionate pursuit of handicapping excellence, and having a laugh with your friends. 

A Day At The Races - With Jimmy The Bag

Jimmy visits dope race tracks around the world. Bets on horses. Talks about betting on horses. Drinks Beer. Smokes pot. This is all documented. YouTube.com/JimmyTheBag

Who Is Jimmy The Bag? - Documentary Series

The absolutely 100% true behind the scenes life story of Jimmy The Bag is told by documentary filmmaker, Garth Daisy, in this ongoing expose of the world's greatest... something. Season One tells the story of Jimmy's life up until he started Betting With The Bag. Season 2, will pick up the story from Jimmy's move to Costa Rica to work with Pistol Pete Loshak. Dropping May 2020


#FreeBag Events

Jimmy and his jolly crew of cappers from all across North America gather in some gamblers paradise somewhere to participate in the art of group gambling. Last stop Miami. Next stop Las Vegas! Fall 2020 Leche a los bookmakers!

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